A performance-driven fast solution for Coffee Wagera resulting in a smoother loyalty program.

No more stamps, no more waste, and a better customer experience.


Coffee Wagera, based in Karachi, is a unique coffee shop chain that emphasizes serving excellent coffee, homemade snacks, a workbench with complimentary Wi-Fi, and an overall cheerful and happy experience to all its visitors.

  • Coffee Wagera used to have punch cards for promotions and discounts for their customers, where every purchase was stamped, and the eighth beverage provided free of cost. This led to printing a lot of cards, and this printing led to paper wastage.
  • The second concern for the café was that their loyalty program was not integrated with their Point of Sale system, meaning they didn’t have a digitally streamlined software that would keep track of all previous promotions or introduce new deals and discounts.
The Solution:
  • Reactree designed and developed a cross-platform Coffee Wagera mobile app for iOS and Android using Flutter. The app was launched after being custom-designed and enhanced in terms of experience. The result was a powerful, performance-based solution to make customer service more refined.
  • A web-based admin portal was also created to connect with the app so that the CW management themselves could access the app’s customer data and keep every promotional offer, menu, and all the rest of the features up-to-date as and when needed.

App Features

Take a look at all the high-quality features that make our Coffee Wagera App helpful to users


Bean Wallet

Collect loyalty points in the wallet

Location Finder

Find your nearest CW location

Menu Products

Have a look at the CW menu

Mobile Notifications

Mobile Notifications

Your Choice of POS Integration

Choose a POS software of your preference

Notable Highlights

The loyalty points you collect in the app are named beans that indicate how many points you’ve earned and what kind of promotional discounts you can avail through them. You can redeem beans through 2 ways: firstly, by signing up on the app and verifying your mobile number. Secondly, whenever you purchase anything from the café, you’ll get access to a QR code, and upon scanning that code with the app, you’ll be able to automatically redeem more beans in your wallet.

Another highlight of the app is that once you launch it on your phone, you get a greeting by the owner, Mush Panjwani, in the same cheerful and happy tone as you will be by the staff at Coffee Wagera upon entering any of the café’s outlets.

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With this solution, it became easier for the café to focus on one of its core goals i.e. limiting paper wastage by having an entirely digital loyalty program, meaning they can now stay connected with their customers without compromising on their values, still providing the same level of positive experience in a much more personalized and direct manner. Meanwhile, the POS integration and web-based admin portal means the management can easily look into their inventory, determine sales reports, and make changes to the app whenever needed without inconvenience or too much manual labor.

Ever since its launch, the CW app has undergone multiple enhancements and has reached about 5000+ downloads. It has redefined the method of earning and redeeming beans (loyalty points) for the user while also streamlining customer service solutions at the business’s end.


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