A holistic solution for Daily2You to make their platform more refined

A responsive and simplified app to connect vendors & customers


Daily2You, or D2Y, is an e-commerce marketplace based in the Netherlands that helps consumers connect and order from their preferred vendors with an easy and convenient ordering solution.

  • D2Y needed a web app that could perform as a B2B2C platform connecting partners and consumers without any inconvenience.
  • Furthermore, they also needed an inventory management solution that could allow order placement, vendor product browsing, and order tracking, as well as an app that could enable riders to track order assignments on a daily basis.
The Solution:
  • Reactree created an app for D2Y that could answer all their problems and become a solution that could be used easily by their team, customers, as well as partners.
  • The app for the customers includes push notifications, invoice and ordering history, multiple ordering options, as well as QR code that enables order delivery verification.
  • The admin portal includes MyShop partner features, customer refunds, as well as a holistic order management system to track everything is delivered on time, etc.
  • The rider app consists of features such as admin delivery assignment, tracking status, QR verification to pick the right order, etc.

App Features


Admin Portal

To get detailed tracking and ordering analytics.

Customer Web-App

Enables customers to enhance their shopping experience.

MyShop Partner Web-App

Allows partners to make the customer journey more refined.

Return & Exchange

For admins to easily refund customers.

Stripe Integration

Allows for easy and convenient online payments.

Push Notifications

Makes it simpler for users to stay updated.

Notable Highlights

Our app makes it simpler for D2Y’s B2B2C model to become a convenient e-commerce solution.
It allows vendors to easily track every order’s status. Furthermore, it also has the option to set custom delivery timings to make it convenient for consumers to get their orders at a time they’d prefer. The partner web app also has the option for bulk uploads, so a user no longer has to manually upload every product but rather choose an automated system to et their products on the app.

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Our app made it a lot easier for Daily2You to streamline their B2B2C platform. Combined with detailed insights, analytics, and a ton of features, make the experience of using the platform simpler for vendors, customers, as well as riders. It also makes it convenient for admins to track the progress of every new product’s upload as well as delivery status to better manage the inventory.

With this app, D2Y can easily access and manage a multiple set of solutions to better grow their platform and make it more aligned with their brand vision.

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