Bringing the Pulses Community Together

A solution that fosters networking and supports working together

About Global Pulses Confederation

The Global Pulse Confederation represents all segments of the pulse industry value chain; from growers, researchers, logistics supplies, traders, exporters, and importers to government bodies, multilateral organizations, processors, canners, and consumers. GPC is responsible for holding conferences and webinars to keep the entire pulse’ community connected and collaborative to run their businesses.

  • They were already successfully running their web application for years, but seeing that their members were always on the go, and it was not efficient to access the web every time they needed to get something done, they needed a mobile solution.
  • They wanted to provide an integrated experience for their Conferences, making it easier for their members to access relevant resources, attend relevant sessions and workshops and connect with others based on mutual interests.
  • Additionally, they required a user-friendly feature for new members to easily join their platform. These members should be able to participate in upcoming conferences, engage in chats, and Q&A sessions, and connect with their global community.
  • The vast majority of their target audience comprised of professionals in their 40s and above. This had to be kept in mind while designing the UI/UX of the app
The Solution:
  • Reactree designed and developed a mobile app for Android and iOS using Flutter. Considering the audience demographics, the app was kept minimal, accessible, and easy to use.
  • It makes it easier for members to network according to their interests and join groups based on this to keep communication intact.
  • Interest-specific article notifications for users to stay informed about the latest industry updates.
  • An admin portal is provided for GPC to efficiently manage app features, including memberships and payments.

App Features

Have a look at all the features making GPC easier to connect with for the pulse community.


Membership Network

Connect and collaborate with fellow members easily.

Industry Updates

Stay informed with trade talks and expert insights.

Push Notifications

Get real-time alerts for messages and articles of interest.

Speed Networking

Maximize networking opportunities efficiently.

Enhanced Dashboards

Access insightful reports and data analytics with Power BI integration.

Conference Access

View speaker details, conference agendas, access to speaker slides, etc.

Notable Highlights

This app provides users with a robust membership network, allowing them to easily connect and collaborate with members from various organizations, thereby expanding their professional network and gaining access to valuable business resources.

Additionally, notifications keep users informed in real-time, delivering alerts for messages and interest-based articles, enhancing their engagement and knowledge. This is specifically useful during conferences to remind attendees of their meetings with other attendees.

The integration of Power BI Dashboards provides users with insightful reports and data analytics, empowering informed decision-making.

Providing a fast and sleek solution for every organization to manage their business processes.

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Reactree’s cross-platform solution for the Global Pulses Confederation (GPC) upholds its core values about growing and supporting the community of the pulses’ industry.

It has simplified access to resources such as articles and dashboards and also helped more than 500 members connect and collaborate.


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