An integrated platform for Global Pulse Confederation, making their conference management and membership network streamlined.

Providing instant access to the Pulse Industry’s Business Opportunities


The Global Pulse Confederation represents all segments of the pulse industry value chain; from growers, researchers, logistics supplies, traders, exporters, and importers to government bodies, multilateral organizations, processors, canners, and consumers. GPC is responsible for holding conferences and webinars to keep the entire pulse’ community connected and collaborative to run their businesses.

  • GPC lacked a platform through which they could manage their registrations, agendas, events, and host conferences in the most flexible and efficient manner. They also needed a feature through which new members could register to their platform easily, participate in upcoming conferences, chats, Q&A sessions, and the wide network of global users that GPC grants access to.
The Solution:
  • Reactree developed a flutter based cross-platform mobile app that consists of a registration portal, a conference area that has news of all upcoming events, speakers, and attendees, live broadcasting options for members from across the globe to attend events and participate in Q&A sessions, and an admin portal through which the GPC team can easily manage all the features of the app including memberships & payments.

App Features

Have a look at all the features making GPC easier to connect with for the pulse community.


Registration Portal

Easily get yourself registered in the GPC global community

Conference Area

Find out all the relevant information on upcoming and past conferences

Membership Network

Connect and interact with GPC members on a national and international level

Live Broadcasts

Stream conferences and Q&A sessions live from wherever you are

Admin Portal

Access the GPC admin portal without any inconvenience

In-App Payment Integration

Pay for all the necessary features you need directly through the app

Notable Highlights

One of the highlights of this mobile-app integration is the live broadcast option that users get access to, which makes it convenient for them to attend conferences and chat with other members of different organizations, building their network of collaboration, leading to more business resources for their organizations. The Q&A portal is also a useful new feature as it allows members to ask their questions and get answers from professionals in the field.

Providing a fast and sleek solution for every organization to manage their business processes.

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Reactree’s cross-platform solution for the Global Pulse Confederation has made it easier for members to register and take advantage of the different features on the platform. Now, the entire network of GPC can easily keep an eye on all the upcoming events, have access to the list of attendees and speakers for all conferences, look up members from around the globe and connect and interact with a network of professionals efficiently, leading to better business opportunities for them. What’s more, is that anyone with their presence on the web platform can access the app easily.

With the admin portal, GPC members can manage every feature of the mobile app without much trouble, whenever they need to. With this launch, it’s become much more efficient for an organization like GPC to connect its global membership base with each other through a single cross-platform solution, resulting in better collaborative growth for the entire network of participants.


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