A Comprehensive and Optimized Solution for Thaqlain’s Content to Reach a Wider Set of Audiences

Amplifying Islamic education through a diverse and holistic app

About Thaqlain

Thaqlain partners with Islamic scholars to share their valuable content with a broader audience, curating and delivering a range of content formats such as long-form videos, shorts, carousels, and blogs.

  • Thaqlain faced the challenge of distributing its content effectively across various social media platforms, resulting in fragmented user experiences.
  • They desired a holistic mobile app that could integrate all types of content, including their series with episodic releases.
  • Thaqlain also needed more control over their content, including the ability to link content with categories and sub-categories to facilitate content discovery for users.
The Solution:
  • Reactree designed and developed a mobile app for Android and iOS using Flutter. This brought together Thaqlain’s content from different sources into a single application.
  • It offers diverse content formats and categories, allowing users to easily find related content on the same topic when they search.
  • It also features a fresh home feed, ensuring users see relatively new shorts and content they haven’t viewed previously.
  • The home feed can be customized according to seasonal themes, e.g. Rabi-ul-Awwal, Muharram, etc. to show content pertaining to these events.
  • It also has a refined backend system to support content management and developed an admin portal.
  • This enhances content control, integrating various features to streamline content viewing and sharing.

App Features

Reactree’s app solution for Thaqlain included the following key features


Explore Content on different Topics

Users can easily view blogs, videos, shorts, etc on a specific topic.

No Sign-Up Required

Users can use the platform without the need to register.

Push Notifications

For users to get notified of new updates and view the latest content.

Home Feed Optimization

Seasonal home feed that offers a glimpse into the content specific to the theme, e.g. Ramadan.

Customized Themes

Custom Islamic themes based on different events.

Dynamic Links

So users can easily re-share content on different platforms.

Notable Highlights

Reactree’s solution for Thaqlain brought several notable highlights to the forefront including an optimized home feed that brings a fast and refreshing browsing experience and eliminates content fatigue. It also provides a centralized platform to view different forms of content, making it easier for users to explore.

Furthermore, the admin portal comes in two forms: super-admins, who can add and remove new admins, and admins, who can do everything except add or remove admins. This portal makes it easier for Thaqlain to bring new themes to the platform and control discovery according to categorizing and sub-categorizing content.

Moreover, the app has a user-friendly interface to ensure seamless viewing and ease of navigation.

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Reactree’s collaboration with Thaqlain yielded a comprehensive mobile app that addresses the brand’s needs. It offers seamless access to diverse content with an instantly refreshed home feed view for a better user experience.

The app also empowers admins with content control. Moreover, it features customized themes for Islamic events, reinforcing Thaqlain’s brand identity.

This dynamic app enhances viewing experience while promoting educational content from renowned scholars.

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