A powerful data-centric platform for Zaha Homes to make vacationing more flexible

Detailed tracking with a customer-friendly interface


Zaha Homes is an online marketplace for apartments primarily for vacations and travels. Bringing a unique method of helping out tourism across Pakistan, Zaha Homes provides comfortable and modern rentals to people traveling in the country for their vacations or business purposes.

  • The brand was missing a system to easily list down their prices for various locations and other information that could be useful to customers and property owners to properly connect with and get to know each other.
  • Their second concern was that they lacked a very important part of running their business i.e. a system to track and manage customer data to streamline their operations easily.
  • Thirdly, they lacked a proper funnel through which customers could rate their experience or keep an eye on other people’s ratings and concerns with locations associated with Zaha Homes.
The Solution:
    Reactree designed a web app for Zaha Homes that could be beneficial for them on 3 fronts:

  • For customers, the portal has a form to fill out, so they can provide their basic information. They also have the option to view location-based properties, ratings, as well as prices. The web app has an integrated payment method and rating system, so customers can easily rate their experience.
  • Property owners who rent their homes with Zaha have access to manage bookings and update or add new information on their properties, as well as gain customer traffic through the portal.
  • For Zaha Homes’ admins, the portal consists of a detailed analytics system, so they can easily track every information, update it, remove it, as well as manage all the data that they’re driving through the portal with each visit of either customers or property owners.


Our solution for Zaha Homes has a bunch of easy-to-access features for customers, clients, and the admins of the brand itself


Property Information

Location-based properties

Customized Filters

Based on customer requirements

Flexible Payments

A versatile method of payments

Discounts and Promotions

Event-based deals e.g. weekends, Eid, etc.

Email Notifications

Flexible customer support system


Rate your experience with ease

Notable Highlights

This solution makes it easier for Zaha Homes to connect with customers as well as property owners alike.
It also allows customers to book homes months in advance to stay ahead of the curve and plan their vacations smoothly with multiple booking methods available at their disposal with seamless handling of proper details regarding what the customers will get with each location they’re looking into.

Empowering businesses to connect with customers and clients by providing a smooth solution

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With this, it became a lot easier for Zaha Homes to act as a mediator to connect travelers with property owners across Pakistan to make their homestay needs more refined based on their own customized requirements. It also makes it simpler for property owners to gain traffic and make connections. The admin portal also makes data tracking and reporting more accessible for Zaha.

The web app has a smooth method of providing the right information to the relevant people while also allowing the business to streamline its services according to audience requirements.


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