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Team Development

Team Reactree’s Annual Picnic 2023

By November 14, 2023No Comments

At Team RT, we recognize the significance of stepping away from our daily routines once in a while to recharge our energy and maintain our motivation.

To that end, our annual picnic was organized on October 28th, an event that not only offered relaxation but also developed unity within our team. The day served as a valuable preparation for our upcoming activities in the fourth quarter and its associated projects.

The chosen picnic location provided the ideal escape from our typical work environment, immersing us in the beauty of nature. We engaged in a series of team-building activities and outdoor games, commencing with a spirited game of cricket and later transitioning to an engaging session of charades. These activities were selected to strengthen our team bonds and provide much-needed relaxation.

Throughout the day, we placed a strong emphasis on collaboration and effective communication, along with some friendly banter, creating lasting memories and reinforcing our ability to work harmoniously in our daily tasks. Our picnic experience acted as a powerful motivation, ensuring that our team returns to work with renewed energy and a refreshed mindset.

Our annual picnic was a memorable experience, and it is a tradition we are committed to maintaining.

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