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Coffee Wagera

A mobile app for Coffee Wagera to digitise their loyalty system. This has resulted in much better customer retention as well as engagement, gaining the brand popularity on social media.

Global Pulse Confederation

We developed a flutter-based cross-platform mobile app that enabled the entire network of GPC members to connect with each other, interact globally, and stay up-to-date on the latest events.


Thaqlain is a brand that collaborates with various Islamic scholars, aiming to promote their valuable content to a wider audience.


Daily2You, or D2Y, is an e-commerce marketplace based in the Netherlands that helps consumers connect and order from their preferred vendors with an easy and convenient ordering solution.


Traydi is an Australian brand that aims to connect jobseekers, specifically skilled workers known as "tradies," with potential recruiters.


HomeChef is a platform that offers a unique experience by connecting people with Homechefs.

Zaha Vacation Homes

We developed a web portal for Zaha Homes to connect their clients and customers while making it easier for them to track data and make efficient reports on their growth and progress.

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