A Creative Answer for Traydi to Connect its Target AudienceThrough its Platform

An enhanced and efficient app for users to build networks


Traydi is an Australian brand that aims to connect jobseekers, specifically skilled workers known as “tradies,” with potential recruiters. Reactree partnered with Traydi to develop a mobile application that simplifies the process of connecting these two target audiences. Additionally, Traydi required a platform to showcase the expertise of jobseekers and enable networking.

  • Traydi needed an app that could efficiently connect job-seekers with recruiters.
  • Furthermore, it needed a social media-like platform where people could showcase their portfolio and expertise as well as connect with other people within the app.
  • They also needed an efficient tracking panel to view a dashboard and track progress of jobs and recruitment.
The Solution:
  • Reactree designed and developed an app that fulfilled Traydi’s requirements while delivering an engaging user experience.
  • Firstly, a platform similar to social media has been built within the app to make it easier to view jobseeker portfolios as well as recruiter requirements, which also allows people to follow each other and build connections.
  • Furthermore, people also get the opportunity to explore the kind of jobs/candidates they are looking for.
  • A minimalist admin portal has been developed, so admins can view analytics and dashboard easily, tracking job progress and other user data.
  • A content management tool has also been built for people to report abuse or negative interactions, all of which admins can control and remove if need be.
  • A detailed home feed view is also part of the app where users can view posts based on different analytics e.g. time, recency, following, visibility, and engagement.

App Features


Social Media Experience:

For users to connect and share their expertise

Portfolio Progress

For jobseekers to showcase their growth journey.

Minimalistic Admin Portal:

To facilitate admins to enhance UX on the app.

Notification Preference

Allowing users to tailor notifications based on interest.

Detailed Analytics and Tracking

To track job and recruitment progress

Content Management Tools

To ensure only appropriate content is visible.

Notable Highlights

The app’s customized home feed view provided users with relevant and engaging content, enhancing their experience within the app. Furthermore, with tracking options Traydi app users can monitor job statuses, and track engagement metrics, while admins gain valuable insights through the comprehensive analytics and dashboarding features. The content management tool further allows for a safe user experience, ensuring the platform fulfills its user’s desired standards.

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The collaboration between Reactree and Traydi resulted in the successful development of an app that revolutionizes how skilled workers in Australia connect with recruiters. Traydi’s app facilitates seamless networking, showcases jobseekers’ expertise, and provides recruiters with an efficient platform to find suitable candidates. The optimized home feed, detailed analytics, and content management tools further enhanced the user experience, resulting in a successful outcome for Traydi and its users.

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