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Build with AI Hackathon: A Grand Success!

By May 23, 2024No Comments
Build with AI Hackathon 2024

Introduction to the Hackathon

On the 4th and 5th of May, Reactree proudly partnered with GDG Kolachi for their  Build with AI Hackathon at Geeks of Kolachi. Over 25 teams, 20 mentors, and 5 judges participated, making the hackathon a resounding success.

Build with AI Hackathon Kickoff

The goal was to tackle problems using Gemini AI for AI Solutions, and the participants exceeded expectations. With the guidance of mentors, including our very own Sakina and Abdullah Ansari, the teams developed innovative solutions. The hackathon kicked off at 11 am on Saturday, with submissions closing at 7 am on Sunday. By the end, 10 teams presented their ideas to the jury, showcasing remarkable dedication and creativity.

Build with AI Day one Opening

View of the venue at full capacity. With participants, mentors, judges, and organizers.

During the ideation phase, participants kept the mentors on their toes, continuously seeking feedback and refining their ideas. Despite the intensive pace, teams only took a break for lunch, adhering to the rule of “no food at the workstations.” Once ideation concluded, teams dove into hacking and coding, working tirelessly through the night.

The Event Winners


The Three winners

Build With AI Hackathon 2024 Winners!

Mentors’ Involvement and Support

As the final presentations approached, the atmosphere grew intense. The judges’ cross-questioning challenged the teams, but everyone rose to the occasion. Ultimately, Karachi AI secured third place, Team InnovateHer (from Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC)) took second, and Data Sherlock (from Daraz) claimed first position at Build with AI Hackathon 2024.

Reactree was not just a partner; our founders Sakina and Abdullah provided hands-on support and expertise. They joined other esteemed mentors like Arham from Connecthear, Ali Raza from Code for Pakistan, and Huda Khan from Bazar, among others.


Reactree with participants at the event

Sakina and Abdullah from Reactree are providing help to a team

This is what Sakina, Founder of Reactree, had to say about the event:

“I was impressed with the turnout of the participants! The teams presented diverse and practical ideas, which surprised me as I had expected them to follow a similar theme. Some ideas were to facilitate Karachites, some were to promote tourism, some were to facilitate freelancers to help them with taxes, and a few ideas were for education, and seeing that the teams implemented the ideas using AI was amazing. Overall, I liked the energy, I liked the buzz, and that the participants were motivated enough to stay overnight and finish their projects on time.

Conclusion and Acknowledgements

The event was a tremendous success, thanks to the collective efforts of the management, mentors, teams, and judges. The venue was fantastic, and the views from the 7th floor were spectacular! This partnership proved to be incredibly fruitful. While 3 teams emerged as winners, every participant was a champion.

Cheers to all who participated!

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