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Google Developers Community Leads Summit 2022

By October 11, 2022October 31st, 2023No Comments

Google recently organized a summit for the South Asian developers’ community in the UAE and Reactree’s co-founder and CEO, Sakina Abbas, was invited to attend the event.

Organized on the 1st and 2nd of October 2022, the summit included Google development experts, group leaders, investors, etc. People from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Turkey were invited to the event.

Held at Google’s Dubai office, the entire summit was sponsored solely by Google, and involved sessions and conversations focused on motivating leaders to remind them of their mission, why they joined the Google Developer Expert – GDE programs in the first place, how their goals have changed over the course of time, and the steps needed from them to keep growing and pursuing their mission.

A few different activities were also part of the summit, including a darkroom session that urged every participant to self-reflect on how they reached where they are and who has supported them on this path. The questions also included asking the development leads how they built ecosystems surrounding their communities.

Overall, the session was a very fun and empowering experience with a lot of team-building activities and competitions. In Sakina’s own words it was, “… a nice session with an amazing experience overall.” And it presented everyone with the opportunity to personally meet up and build networks in the community.

In conclusion to this summit, there are a few different projects in the plans according to Google communities and guidelines, and they’ll be announced soon!

Reactree is excited to have had Sakina represent the team at Google’s Dubai HQ among the South Asian developers’ community, and we’re hoping it leads to further growth opportunities for our team in the future.

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