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The ever-evolving demands of consumers and digital innovation are driving ongoing change in the field of UI/UX design. As 2024 establishes itself, both seasoned and aspiring UX/UI designers must keep up with the times by adopting the newest UI UX trends that will influence the field of design in the foregoing year. The top 10 UI/UX trends for 2024 will be covered in this blog, with topics ranging from accessibility to responsive user interfaces.


An up-and-coming product design is Brutalism and it is exactly what it sounds like; unconcealed and forthright. This aesthetic sets it apart from other trends with its enhanced and vivid designs. Unafraid to change the norms, brutalism gives you an unfiltered image. The raw design shows its boldness, and with the direct aesthetic of  structured, clean cut and uncomplicated design added, it makes the product stand out more from the background. The bold colors with contrasting tones bring out the creativity of the product or design.


Parallax effect/ Scroll based animations

A traditional effect, this visual method is frequently applied to websites and applications to produce depth and a feeling of immersion. This User Interface Design is made more visually interesting by the scroll based animations, which give it a sense of depth. Linked with the scroll position of a scroll container. This indicates that as you scroll in a direction, the linked animation will advance forwards or backwards as an immediate response, such as reading indicators. Another type of scroll-driven animation links to an element with its scroll container, for example: elements fade in as they come into view. The foreground, middle ground, and background pieces are moved at different rates to create the appearance of a 3D space. A great example of this is the homepage of the ‘framer’ website.


2024 will see a shift in this design trend towards more interactive components. This User-Centric Design makes Digital User Interface more adaptable, which makes digital interactions less difficult for people with visual or auditory impairments as they frequently use larger, easier to read fonts. Voice user interfaces tend to be more accessible for individuals with these disabilities. 

Complex & animated gradients

Gradients have swept through the UI/UX Design world in 2024, giving digital interfaces a vibrant and fascinating aspect with their intricate and moving gradients. This trend emerges from static color schemes and gives us the chance to develop visually arresting and immersive user experiences. Complex and dynamic gradients give UI elements like backgrounds and headers sophistication while also creating a visually appealing background for content.

Minimalistic & Intuitive Interfaces

The UI Design approach of minimalism places a high emphasis on the core aspects of the product and stresses clarity. Design teams strive to make their designs more minimalistic with every update in order to eliminate all distractions and force users to concentrate only on the essential elements of the app or website. Because these designs are less cluttered, they are easier to utilize. With its UIs, users may quickly find what they are seeking with streamlined content. Above all, minimalist designs continue to be highly compatible with the latest UX Trends.


A recognized UX pattern continues to shape user experiences in 2024: Animations. Different interaction design graphics and animated icons personalize the user. Using separate animations to greet a new user or an existing user, and/or changing designs on screen related to the mood of the user. Still in its early stages, these designs are gradually taking over with the help of AI. One of the best examples of this type of animation can be seen on the RIVE website homepage.


There you have it: a comprehensive analysis of the key UI/UX design trends that will shape the digital landscape in 2024 and beyond. Is the user interface of your website or mobile application at par with these trends? It is imperative that you invest in UI/UX design services if you want your digital product to attract, engage, and retain your target customers. Here at Reactree UI/UX design specialists are available to assist your mvp software development from design planning to launch. We can help upgrade your company’s product design and make it more contemporary, relevant, and user-focused!


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