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Reactree @ Flutter Festival 2022

By April 2, 2022October 31st, 2023No Comments

Google Developers’ Group consists of a community of developers for them to create connections and interact with each other regarding different software discussions and panels. The GDG launched a Flutter Engage in 2021, in which different representatives from different countries get to locally host an event where professional developers gather around and discuss different Flutter developments and projects to learn from them and provide their insights on the subject.

This year, the event kicked off again, with the name Flutter Festival, held on the 18th of March and hosted locally by Flutter Karachi at the National Incubation Center, sponsored by Walturn and Sweech. The Flutter Karachi team was part of organizing and hosting the event panel, consisting of ReacTree’s cofounder and CEO Sakina Abbas, alongside Rao Noman, Taha Ali, and Walid Arshad, who was also the moderator of the entire session. Apart from Sakina, ReacTree’s team member Ammar Zahid was also part of the event and conducted a session on “Integrating Dynamic Linking with Flutter”.

The event was organized for Flutter enthusiasts with workshops and different sessions. The audience consisted of people who have experience working with Flutter, with the discussion including advanced yet insightful topics, keeping everyone’s interest maintained and allowing them to learn something new. Hafsa Munawar, the Community Manager at Google Developers’ Group, also surprised the audience by attending the event and interacting in panel discussions. This gave everyone a chance to network with her as well.

Furthermore, an activity was done with the audience where they were asked to share pictures of the best UI they’ve designed on Flutter. Once the pictures were collected, the audience was asked to vote on which UI they found to be the most interactive, out of which the 3 most-voted were chosen as winners and their creators were gifted with goodie bags.

Overall, it was a very interactive and engaging event where the audience got to learn new insights on how they can create complex UIs on Flutter, create firebase cloud functions with Dart, and other discussions and sessions focusing on Google’s UI development kit. It was a successful event that became more fruitful with every speaker and audience’s contributions, and we, as ReacTree, look forward to more of our team members to take part in such events in the future.

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