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Team Development

Team Dinner & Appreciation Awards

By March 25, 2022October 31st, 2023No Comments

Recognition and appreciation are essential for a team’s success, especially when you want your team to thrive and create a culture of engagement, creativity, and positive well-being. Positive feedback can go a long way to making people more productive, and watching their coworkers and friends get appreciated for their growth can also motivate people to develop and learn similarly. This recognition can come in many forms, and their biggest benefit is that it makes the team feel acknowledged and encourages them to grow and develop more in the future.

According to studies, organizations that recognize and appreciate their team have a 28% lower frustration level than those that don’t. Around 90% of team members that receive recognition from their supervisors and coworkers have a higher level of trust for their management and team.

At Reactree, we believe in awarding and acknowledging team members who prove to be good resources, either in the form of the support they provide or the solutions they bring to the table while working on different projects and making them a success.

Keeping this in mind, we organized a team dinner and appreciation ceremony to acknowledge the team members who have worked hard and achieved new career milestones over the past few months. This dinner was aimed at achieving two things, firstly giving the team members a break from their routine, and secondly, appreciating those team members who have been an essential part of leading our major projects in the past year.

These “Outstanding Achievement Awards” were handed out to three team members, Ammar Zahid, Maaz Khan, and Shaheer Ahmed, for the tremendous amount of growth they’ve achieved at Reactree and their contributions toward every assignment.

It was a good night out for every team member, and we hope it motivated everyone to take the initiative towards their growth in all the coming projects that we will be part of, from app and website developments to training sessions and conferences. These activities and events are a huge part of our culture to ensure our team members are satisfied while working in a healthy environment that encourages and celebrates growth.

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